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La Olla

Moderate, Non-Tecnical

Full Day
$ 120,000 CLP

Want to try summiting a mountain?Only 20 minutes away from town this is a great one to start with. The trail is moderate but the experience is real! With Patagonia as its owner anything can happen, high mountain winds, white-outs, snow in summertime and so much more.


Moderate, Non-Tecnical

Full Day
$ 120,000 CLP

Starting with a grassy but well inclined hike it will quickly turn in to a labrinth of rock walls and making our way to the top is a challenge in many ways. With views of Torres del Paine and the Señoret Range you will not be disapointed.


Moderate, Non-Tecnical

Full Day
$ 120,000 CLP

At the end of the Southern Ice Field is a mountain called Tenerife.The mountian goes pretty much straight up, this makes for a shortish but tough climb up. The summit gives away amazing views, a combination of ice, mountains, lakes and long open flatlands are priceless.


Moderate, Semmi-Tecnical

2 Days, 1 Night
$ 400,000 CLP

Located close to Puerto Natales this is a great oportunity to get into the mountains with limited time. A 2 day adventure will give you time to enjoy but the rush of summiting. Great experience, amazing fotos and some sore legs is what mount Prat likes to give as souvenir.

sin título-8038-2.jpg
Almirante Nieto

Hard, Semi-Tecnical

3 Days, 2 Night
$ 900,000 CLP

As one of the higher peaks in Torres del Paine its summit will give amazing views in all directions. No experiece is needed but motivation is key to make this expedition a succes. Hights, ropes, snow and getting tired are all part of this adventure.

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