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Inhouse Boulder Gym
Climbing Topos
Climbing in Patagonia

    Opening hours:

Everyday 12:00 - 21:00


Routes in and around Torres del Paine

el dorado.jpg

Tips and Tricks about climbing in Patagonia


Our inhouse boulder gym is free for anyone staying in our hostel. If you stay somewhere else and just want to come and climb we charge $2,000 CLP.

Patagonia is home to plenty of mountains. We are working hard to get a good colection of climbingroutes online. If you have any thing you want to add on, please contact us. Lets share more and climb more!

Climbing in Patagonia, hard enough as it already is has some interesting twists talking about paperwork. Here you find the ins and outs on How to prep your climb in Torres del Paine.

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