$10.000 CPL
approx. $18 USD
The refugio is a separate building from our main house. It is meant for those who like mountain-style huts. There are 6 bunks where you can use your own sleeping bag. Bathrooms and showers are in the outhouse.  For cooking and relaxing there is the main house with a comfortable living space, kitchen, wifi and our indoor boulder room. 
$12.000 CPL
approx. $18 USD
Our dorms are located in the main house. There are 4 beds in the room that come with bedding and a space for your baggage. The kitchen and living room are there for spending time and making new friends. There is wifi available and of course, our indoor boulder room for all those who want to be active.
Our double is located in the main house, There's a double bed  that comes with bedding and plenty of space for your baggage. Bathroom is right across the hall and wifi available in the whole house. For hanging out or making new friends, there is the living room with kitchen area,  WiFi, and our indoor boulder room. 
$25.000 CPL
approx. $40 USD

For reservations contact us:

Whats app: +56992734450