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Ciara Muller

Hostel Management Intern - Mountain Guide Intern 

Growing up in US Ciara has always longed for adventures. You most likely find her in the forest trying to escape the motions of everyday life, hiking up some mountains nearby, doing yoga, reading, or on some trip exploring a new part of the world. Ciara is finishing up her college career at University of North Carolina Wilmington with an internship at RedPoint. She is very ecxited to join the team and continue learning with us.


Interested in experiencing the "normal" life in Patagonia or just want to extend your stay in South America? Joining our team asks for motivation! It you are ready to work your ass off, our motto is WORK HARD, PLAY HARD. The volunteers will be in charge of all kinds of small duties; everything from hostel check-ins to chopping firewood. We are very interested in your talents and we try to bring out the best in everybody. Some important requirements for the position are: social skills, cultural openness, eagerness to learn, patience, and pro-activity. Hours and general responsibilities will be discussed along with the length of your stay. 


Summary of the RedPointers of Season 2022/2023

Ruth Gombert

Owner - Trekking Guide - Porter  

Native Dutchie figured out that mountains were what she loved and that they weren't there in Holland. On a quest for adventure, she landed in Patagonia and has been living there for six years. Being a founder of RedPoint, you might find her in the office but most likely she will be somewhere on a mountain peak or in an undiscovered valley.

Eduardo Canales

Owner - Mountain Guide - Trekking Guide - Porter  

As a mountaineer and founder of RedPoint, Eduardo is one of the main faces you will find in the office. In charge of guides and porters, he tries to escape and work in the field as much as possible. In his free time, he will likely be found climbing ice or rock or anything else he can get his hands on.

1171 Bernardo O'Higgins,
Puerto Natales, Chile

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